Tokaji Eszencia 2003

Vega Sicilia Oremus

Tokaji Eszencia 2003

The Tokaj region is situated in a mountain range in the north-east of Hungary and the Oremus winery is located in the geographical centre of this region. The Oremus nectar, a product of the Oremus terroir, stands out from all Aszú wines. It is an incredibly rich drink, unparalleled in the world. It has a low alcohol content, as not all of the concentrated sugar goes into the fermentation.
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It smells of rum pot and dried fruits like apricot and sultanas. In the mouth, a syrup seems to spread, but the essence tastes clear and concentrated of caramel, honey and spices. In the filigree finish, it continues to have a long and intense effect.

origin: Hungary / Tokaj
alcohol content: 3%
contact: Finca Vega Sicilia, 47359 Valbuena de Duero, Valladolid, Spain

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