Swiss Single Malt Whisky


Swiss Single Malt Whisky

Swiss Single Malt Whisky relies entirely on regional resources. Local mash from barley malt, prepared by the Baar brewery, distillation at Etter, spring water from the nearby Höllgrotten caves in Baar and oak barrels from the Rosenau quality winery near Lucerne all come together. This delicacy combines regionality, authenticity and high quality into a coherent whole.
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Nose: ripe fruit like apricot, blueberries, banana as well as banana chips, pear skin, slightly creamy like a biscuit roll, subtle toasted notes, toasted Beech flour, some green walnut, American with citrus glaze. If you let the Whisky some time to breathe it becomes even softer.
Palate: banana chips, very pleasant, malty sweetness, subtle roasted notes, later something herbal like dried oregano and mint, biscuit roll, some toffee, milk chocolate with raisins.

origin: Switzerland
alcohol content: 44%
contact: Etter Söhne AG, Chollerstrasse 4, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

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