Sau Guata Gin

Sau Guata Gin

Sau Guata Gin

Sau Guata Gin is a "London Dry Gin", which must be produced according to this method, the most strictly regulated in Europe. In the carefully carried out maceration, the essences for this excellent gin are drawn from the selected ingredients. Distilled in a highly professional manner and specially filtered after a well-deserved rest, the unmistakable SAU GUATA GIN is created. It is not the mass of botanicals or the alcohol content that distinguishes it - but the true and original taste of the gin gives you the possibility to enjoy it pure or with different tonics and various ingredients.
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The origin of gin can be found in Holland, where "genever" was distilled from juniper berries. In the course of the 30 Years' War, the genever came to Great Britain, where it was unceremoniously called "gin". Today, Great Britain is the home of gin.

Origin: Austria
Alcohol content: 41,0% 
Contact: RSB Spirituosenerzeugungs OG; Kreindlgasse 5A; 1190 Vienna

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