Cristal Vintage 2009 Magnum


Cristal Vintage 2009 Magnum

The most famous wine of the house was created in 1876 for the high taste demands of Tsar Alexander II. He had a special preference for the wines of Louis Roederer and commissioned the best cuvée to be reserved for him every year from then on. Emphasising its uniqueness, this outstanding champagne is filled into a flat-bottomed crystal bottle. It henceforth bears the name of this noble glass, which shows off its transparency and luminescence to their best advantage.
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Cristal is produced only in those "great years" when the Chardonnay (about 40%) and the Pinot noir (about 60%) reach their perfect maturity. It is then aged for 6 years in the cellar and rests for a further 8 months after dégorgement. The Cristal impresses with its balance - pure and with a long finish unmatched by other wines. The silky texture blends various fruit aromas of pronounced minerality, from which nuances of white fruits and citrus fruits rise. A wine that can be stored for more than twenty years without losing its freshness and character.

Alcohol content: 12%
Origin: France / Champagne 
Contact: Champagne Louis Roederer, 21,boulevard Lundy, CS40014, 51722 Reims Cedex, France

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