Rich - Bio Dry Gin 0,05L



Rich - Bio Dry Gin 0,05L


Rick Feel Mediterran Gin the organic gin made in Austria!

"Rick Gin" is a premium organic gin that is handcrafted from purely organic ingredients. The focus is on regionality and sustainability. The production takes place by means of the most modern distillation technology.


Produced exclusively according to the highest of all quality standards - "London Dry" - by hand in Gamlitz in southern Styria. Master Distiller Patrick Marchl brings after countless tests 3 varieties of organic Gin on the market. The Rick RICHis a dry Gin which is fruity and particularly citrus-heavy at 43% alcohol and is an absolutely pure and excellent taste for lovers of a first-class citrusy Gin. A Gin incredibly rich in aromas and rich in flavor. Complex citrus notes convince in the nose as well as on the palate.


By the way, the lemons come from the organic pioneer Michael Ceron who grows an incredible selection of organic lemons of the highest quality in Austria with his project Citrus Garden. 


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Nose & Tongue: Aromas with fruity and particularly citrus-heavy tones at 43% alcohol.
Recommendation: Master Distiller Patrick Marchl: "I prefer to drink my RICH 1/3 gin to 2/3 premium tonic as a garnish a fresh organic lemon zest."


Origin: Austria / Gamlitz
Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Contact: Rick Spirit World Vienna, Margaretenstraße 22 Shop 1, 1040 Vienna.




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