Grüner Veltliner Hochrain Smaragd 2018


Grüner Veltliner Hochrain Smaragd 2018

The Wachau remained ice-free during the cold periods. Persistent westerly winds deposited thick layers of loess, especially on the downwind eastern sides, which today forms the subsoil of the Ried Hochrain. Wachau loess was mainly blown in during the last glaciation, the Würme Ice Age, which ended about 14,000 years ago. Loess is characterised above all by high concentrations of calcareous silt, a grain size fraction of the soil between sand and clay that can be preferentially displaced by the wind. Depending on the degree of weathering of the loess, light to medium-heavy soils result.
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Vines up to 50 years old on primary rock weathered soils with partial loess overlay yield an extract-rich, deep, archetypal Veltliner.
Producer: Weingut Rudi Pichler, Marienfeldweg 122, A-3610 Wösendorf Region: Austria / Wachau Category: White wine Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol.

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