"Obstler" Traditional Fruit Schnaps 40% vol.


"Obstler" Traditional Fruit Schnaps 40% vol.

Fruit schnapps "Obstler" is one of the schnapps whose production has a long tradition in the Austrian fruit-growing regions. The mash for the production must consist of at least two or more types of fruit. For the fruit, schnapps with 40% vol. Prinz fine distillery only processes refined apples and pears from their domestic high trunk trees. With a lot of skill and years of experience, Prinz succeeds in producing a fruit schnapps according to typical Austrian tradition and of the highest quality.


Maturing for several years in stoneware gives it a particularly well-balanced taste. With fine apple and pear notes in the nose and the pleasant fruitiness on the palate, it knows how to convince.


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Again and again, the master distillers check the taste and smell of the schnapps. Only when they are satisfied is the fruit schnapps ready to be enjoyed and put into the typical Prince bottle. But what does it taste like, the Obstler? Unmistakably, on the nose and on the palate. The typical taste is easy to recognise even for inexperienced schnapps drinkers. The characteristic aroma, clear, pure fruit flavours on the palate with a long finish. If you are looking for a typical Austrian "Obstler" fruit schnapps, you will definitely find it here.


Pairing recommodation:Enjoy the Obstler in a "stamperl" glass or goblet at a temperature between 17 and 20 °C.


Origin:  Austria
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Contact: Thomas Prinz GmbH, Ziegelbachstrasse 7, A - 6912 Hörbranz 


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Ingredients & Allergens

Traditional fruit schnapps made from apples and pears. Gently distilled in Austria and stored for many years.