100% Arabica Beans


100% Arabica Beans

The Top 100% Arabica from Pellini consists, as the name already promises 100% of the best Arabica beans from Central and South America. The espresso is very mild and creamy thanks to the medium roast. The taste is noble and long-lasting. Fruity aromas give the espresso a slight sweetness. 

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In the balanced blend of pure Arabica beans, the flavor-bearing acidity is restrained. As usual for Pellini, the beans are gently roasted by hand in the rotary drum. In this way, they are deprived of their bitter substances and this harmonious espresso emerges. In addition, this process supports the perfect development of aromatic substances and a unique taste.

Product name: whole beans Arabica
Storage: store in a dry place, away from heat.
Origin: Italy
Contact: Pelline Caffe SPA, Via 1 Maggio 8, 37012 Bussolengo, Italy

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Arabica beans 100%