Mozart Chocolate Cream Likör 0,5L


Mozart Chocolate Cream Likör 0,5L


Full-bodied, creamy milk chocolate liqueur, handcrafted with only natural ingredients, gluten-free, and refined with Belgian chocolate. Made with great attention to detail, original from Salzburg. Experience the creamy milk chocolate sensation, a delicately melting indulgence by Mozart Chocolate Liqueur.


Every single Mozart bottle is produced at the local distillery in Salzburg – then as now. Decades of experience uncompromisingly ensure the highest quality through a unique production process. The sophisticated manufacturing process requires multiple steps in composing the original Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. 


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Taste: Elegantly incorporated chocolate with rich cocoa butter and cream create a great taste with a hint of spirit. Very creamy and smooth. 
Serving recommendation: It is best served slightly chilled, preferably with fresh seasonal fruit. Mozart Chocolate liqueur likes to take on the role as the secret star of any party.

Origin: Austria / Salzburg
Alcohol content: 15% vol.
Contact: Mozart Distillerie GmbH, A-5020 Salzburg


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