US*1 Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky


US*1 Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky

With a rich history dating back to America's earliest days, Michter's is renowned for producing the finest Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky. Crafted with utmost care, Michter's US*1 Kentucky Straight Rye is made from carefully selected American rye grain to extract maximum flavor. Whether enjoyed neat or in cocktails, each bottle is sourced from a single barrel, a testament to Michter's unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky across their entire range.

The US*1 expressions, named in honor of Michter's heritage as America's first Whisky company, offer some of the finest small batch and single barrel Whiskies available. Crafted to perfection by Master Distiller Dan McKee, no US*1 Whisky is released until it receives the approval of Dan and the Michter's tasting panel.


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Nose: interplay of nutty notes, in combination with vanilla, caramel, honey and impressions of ginger.
Tongue: full-bodied, with spicy cereal notes, peppery tones, plus citrus, creamy sweetness and oak.
Finish: long-lasting, spicy and creamy.

Origin: USA / Kentucky
Alcohol content: 42,5% vol.
Contact: Mitchers Distillery, 2351 New Millennium Dr, Louisville, KY 40216, USA


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