M1 2015


M1 2015

Explore the captivating array of aromas found in every moment of the "M1 2015". The Aubühl vineyard in the Arbesthaler Hügelland is uniquely warm, southwest-facing, and situated at an elevation of 210-250 meters. Its sandy and lightly loamy soils quickly warm up, creating an interesting terroir profile with distinct characteristics. Markowitsch cultivates Blaufränkisch and Merlot on 4.5 hectares, resulting in a juicy and long-lasting red wine. Since 2000, they have been bottling the ripest batches under the designation M1.


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Nose: Revel in the evolving depth of aromas, from plums and blackberries to tobacco and orange zest, bright raspberries, dark cherries, cinnamon, and hints of pepper, cloves, and cedar.
Palate: Fine tannins provide a robust structure, leading to a subtly salty and distinctly unique finish.
Pairing: This wine thrives alongside hearty meat dishes or simply in the ambiance of a crackling fireplace with an exceptionally comfortable chair. A wine crafted for those profound, meditative moments in life. Best served at 16 - 18°C.
Grape Varieties: 80% Merlot / 20% Blaufränkisch


Origin: Austria / Arbesthaler Hügelland / Aubühl
Alcohol Content: 14.9% vol.
Contact: Markowitsch Winery, Pfarrgasse 6, 2464 Göttlesbrunn, Austria


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