Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 16Y


Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 16Y

With its intense peaty notes and sweet & salty flavours, Lagavulin 16Y is a rich & strongly aromatic Scotch whisky. The single malt whisky fills the palate with a dry peat smoke and gentle, powerful sweetness - followed by a long, elegant finish with intense notes of peat, salt & seaweed.


Since 1816, the dry Scotch has been produced with peat from the bog "Castlehill" directly on Lagavulin Bay and matured for 16 years in oak casks - giving it the strong, stormy island character. Because of its smoky-sweet flavours, which reflect the rough sea & the robust flair of the island, the "King of Islay" is appreciated by connoisseurs.


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From a merger of not quite legal distilleries, one of the top islay distilleries and one of the best known in Scotland has developed. It all began in the late 18th century, when numerous moonshine distilleries still dominated the scene on Islay and throughout the country. In 1816, illegal distilling was put to an end and John Johnsten officially founded the Lagavulin Distillery. The Lagavulin 16Y is the distillery's best-selling whisky and it happens from time to time that there are bottlenecks due to the great demand.


To cope with the ever-increasing demand, Lagavulin distils around the clock. Seven days a week, the distillates flow through the two wash stills and two spirit stills until they come to rest in the casks. With its sherry cask finish, the tart, dark aroma is contrasted with a fruity, harmonious note. Salt and seaweed, sherry and vanilla are the main components in the first nosing of the Lagavulin 16Y. This is followed by a strong peat and smoke flavour, a little heather and hay, before it brings out its smoky side once again in a long finish.


Nose: Peat smoke with notes of seaweed and iodine with rich, deep sweetness. Deep amber gold.
Tongue: Dry peat smoke with gentle powerful sweetness, notes of sea, salt & wood. Long, elegant finish filled with smokiness with lots of salt and seaweed.

Origin: Schottland / Isle of Islay
Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Contact: Lagavulin Distillery, Isle of Islay, PA42 7DZ Port Ellen, Schottland


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Contains food dye.