Grüner Veltliner Spitz Steinfeder 2021


Grüner Veltliner Spitz Steinfeder 2021

The expressiveness of a wine is created in the vineyard. Careful management of the vines, short pruning, intensive foliage work, strict yield control and rigorous selection are essential for this.
Manual harvesting in several rounds per vineyard ensures that only grapes with the highest physiological ripeness are harvested and sent to the cellar for processing. There, the musts are fermented in steel tanks without any improvement until they come to a natural standstill, in accordance with the quality promise - Codex Wachau. Further ageing takes place partly in large traditional wooden barrels.


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Light greenish yellow with silver reflections. Fine herbal spice on the nose, wonderful fresh aroma, quite classic for a wine of the Steinfeder category. Great citrus aroma on the palate. Fresh fine body juicy fresh acid structure. Perfect wine for nice summer evenings on the terrace and as an aperitif.

Origin: Austria / Wachau DAC
Alcohol content: 11,5%
Contact: Winery Hirtzberger, Kremser Straße 8, 3620 Spitz / Donau, Austria

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