Highland Park 12Y

Highland Park

Highland Park 12Y

Highland Park is considered the most northerly distillery in Scotland and uses only island peat to dry the grain. The peat itself contains a lot of heather and the partial storage in sherry casks gives the whisky its colour and taste. The storage takes place in warehouses by the sea. This gives the whisky a lot of rough sea air and the cool temperatures and the relatively woodless peat form the starting point for the later whisky.
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Still very balanced in the nose between fruity tones, a light smokiness and sweetish aromas, the full sweetness comes to the fore in the taste. Honey mingles with full-bodied malt notes and at the same time reveals a hint of sherry.
Origin: Scotland / Islands
Alcohol content: 40,0%
Contact: Highland Park, Holm Rd, Kirkwall KW15 1SU, United Kingdom.

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