Haku Vodka


Haku Vodka

Haku Vodka, made from 100% Japanese white rice, epitomizes purity. Filtered through bamboo charcoal, it offers a soft, round, subtly sweet taste. Founded in 1899, the House of Suntory was inspired by Shinjiro Torii's dream to create original Japanese spirits embodying nature's riches and meticulous craftsmanship.

Despite obstacles, Shinjiro introduced Hermes Vodka in 1956, marking Suntory's vodka debut. Today, we proudly present Haku, a Japanese craft vodka capturing Japan's essence, embodying Suntory's vision and inviting you to explore its exceptional character.


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Haku is an exquisite Japanese vodka meticulously crafted to embody a clear, clean, and radiant character. Its name, "white" in Japanese, pays homage to the revered Hakumai rice from which it originates. Fermented with "rice koji" and distilled through pot stills, this process captures the delicate rice flavors. Taking place in Kagoshima, a region renowned for its rice spirit expertise, the vodka undergoes a second distillation to add depth. Careful blending and filtration follow, preserving and enhancing the rice's subtle sweetness. Haku offers a journey into exceptional craftsmanship and a taste of Japan's finest.


Nose: A soft aroma played up by the sweet, delicate floral aroma of rice.
Tongue: A rich taste that gradually envelops the mouth with the natural sweetness and complex flavor of the rice.
Finish: A smooth finish with a sophisticated, pleasantly lingering sweetness thanks to the bamboo charcoal filtration process.

Origin: Japan / Osaka
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Contact: Beam Suntory Austria GmbH, Kärntner Ring 5-7 / 7. Stock, A-1010 Wien


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