Grand Vintage 2013

Moët & Chandon

Grand Vintage 2013

First created in 1842 for those with an appreciation of mature wines, Grand Vintage is an exquisite collection of rare and unique champagnes. The 75th Grand Vintage captures the essence of 2013.
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An energetic champagne with autumnal aromas, Grand Vintage 2013 has spent at least five years in the cellars, developing a finely tuned balance between age and vivacity.
Food recommendation: Choose warm and toasty flavours to complement this champagne's maturity, and serve with a sharp or slightly bitter sauce to match grapefruit notes on the finish.

origin: France / Champagne
alcohol content: 12,5%
contact: Moët & Chandon, 20 avenue de Champagne, 51200 Epernay, France

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