Meinls Geschenkkorb International

Julius Meinl am Graben

Meinls Geschenkkorb International

A culinary surprise of international delicacies!

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Meinls gift basket "International" contains:

Sparta Organic Kalamata Olives
Meinl's Balsama Bianco 0,25L
Fudas Olive Oil 0,5L
Pan Do Mar Organic Blue Mussel 115g
Baci Orginal Mini Bijou 100g
Okra Palirria 280g
Las Hermanas Pepper Powder Sweet 75g
Denoix Moutarde Violette 200ml
Chips With Olive Oil 140g
C. Rinaldi Couscous 500g
Arroz Cebolla Sollana Paella Rice 1000g
Olasagasti Y.Fin Albacore 120g
Armorine Florentiner Whole Milk 70g
LA Selva Artichokes In Olive Oil 180g
Poliziano Chianti 2018

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