Domäne Wachau


The basis is formed by natural basic products such as a fruit juice from the Wachau apricot, spices and the Grüner Veltliner brandy XA22. According to an old Wachau house recipe, this noble punch is made together with a wide variety of spices (such as star anise), without added sugar and with pure grape sweetness. There are no artificial flavors and colors and no preservatives are added.

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In the fragrance, delicately vanilla, plus aromas of walnut and caramel. Hints of wood sweetness are complemented by intense fruit spice, elegant and harmonious. Refined this punch is refined by the fruity freshness of the Wachau apricot and various spices such as star anise. The pure grape sweetness flatters the punch and makes it pleasantly round.
Shake well before opening. Ready to drink; only heat, do not boil.

Producer: Domäne Wachau, 3601 Dürnstein 107
Region: Austria / Wachau
Category: Wine
Alcohol content: 9,5% Vol.

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