Cuvée 1522


Cuvée 1522

The name of Cuvée 1522 is a tribute to the year in which the Philipponnat family settled in the village of Ay, in the heart of the Champagne region. As far back as the Philipponnat archives go, there are records of the family’s ancestors, the first of whom, Apvril le Philipponnat, owned vines at Le Léon, between Ay and Dizy, from 1522.
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Cuvée 1552 is wonderfully full-bodied, making it an excellent Champagne to accompany meals. A superb accompaniment to seafood and poached or grilled fish due to the very dry character of this extra brut cuvée. Its dryness contrasts well with the fattiness of poultry such as capon. An even bolder match can be made with caviar or very spicy dishes such as an Indian tandoori.

origin: France / Champagne
alcohol content: 12%
contact: Philipponnat, 13 rue du Pont, Mareuil sur Ay CS 60002, 51160 Ay Champagne, France

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