Pinot Noir „R” vom Muschelkalk 2016

Ökonomierat Rebholz

Pinot Noir „R” vom Muschelkalk 2016

The Pinot Noir, from which the world-famous red Burgundies are pressed, plays a very important role in the Rebholz winery, along with the Riesling.
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The 2016 Pinot Noir from Muschelkalk is a very elegant red wine with a spicy Pinot Noir aroma, along with aromas of red fruits such as cherries, fresh cranberries and wild berries, but also some cinnamon, clove, chocolate, cedar and tobacco. The fine, ripe tannins are well integrated and the wine has good density and length. It is welcome to age for a few years.

origin: Germany / Pfalz
alcohol content: 13,5%
contact: Ökonomierat Rebholz, Weinstraße 54, 76833 Siebeldingen, Germany

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