Wiener Vermouth Klassik



Wiener Vermouth Klassik

Burschik's Vermouth Vienna Klassik is the typical aperitif - light and stimulating. Depending on taste, it is enjoyed neat, on ice or in mixes. Leonhard Specht spent two and a half years working on the finally defined recipe. Half of Vienna was there to help him: numerous well-known names of the Viennese sommelier scene assisted him. Renowned wine journalists and veteran beverage marketers completed the tasting panels.


The best thing about it: In all subsequent blind tastings, this composition was completely convincing. So it can be said with certainty and confirmed several times over: Burschik's Vermouth - Klassik is simply the best austrian Vermouth. Not far from Vienna's Westbahnhof railway station, old recipes are given a new lease of life in Austria's first Vermouth winery, Burschik. Vermouth has been produced here by the Specht family since 1916.


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Vermouth is one of the "flavoured wines". Its aroma comes exclusively from extracts of natural herbs and spices. The wormwood herb, artemisia absinthia, predominates in the secret blends, which usually also contain coriander, cardamom and the tonka bean. When you smell a glass of Burschik's Vermouth, the multi-layered bouquet of a harmonious, spicy herbal mixture opens up.

Even Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and ancient physicians attributed healing properties to wormwood herb: it is considered to stimulate the appetite and has a positive effect on digestion. The 19 herbs for Burschik's Vermouth are extracted and - depending on the flavour - added to the prepared base wines. These wines are classically pressed from pure grape must. They are carefully selected for their character - and with consideration for their blending with the herbal extracts.


Nose: harmonious spicy herbal blend. Bright natural colour.
Tongue: finely rounded, unobtrusively sweet taste; fine, soft finish.

Origin: Austria / Vienna
Alcohol content: 16% vol.
Contact: Burschik, Zinckgasse 8, 1150 Wien, AT


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