Garbèl Brut Halbflasche


Garbèl Brut Halbflasche

In the local dialect, the word "garbèl" expresses the pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness. Recognisable by its dry aftertaste, young fragrance and natural and pleasant memory of drinking, garbèl is suitable both as an aperitif and with dishes with subtle flavours. To express that the grapes come from vineyards on the plain, the label is placed in a horizontal orientation.
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Very rich with notes of ripe fruit such as peach, yellow apple and melon. Balance and delicacy together with aromatic notes of great freshness. Pleasantly acidic and spicy, fresh and fruity. With good fullness and length. Harmonious, it has a perfect correspondence with the fragrance. Always suitable as an aperitif and in accompaniment to appetizers of various kinds or salty pastries.
Origin: Italy
Alcohol content: 11,0%
Contact: Adami Srl, via Rovede, 27, 31020 Colbertaldo di Vidor, Treviso, Italy.


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