Torre Muga 2016


Torre Muga 2016

Bodegas Muga was founded in 1932 by Isaac Muga and Aurora Caño. At first, the wine was made in an underground bodega, but in 1968 they finally decided to set up their own bodega in a large building in the old barrio de la estación in Haro. In the same year, the founder Isaac died and his sons Manuel and Isaac took over the business at Muga. Today's bodega is located in a 200-year-old building and houses more than 14,000 barriques made from a wide variety of woods. In addition to the Reserva wines Muga Reserva and Muga Reserva Especial, Muga has a very interesting Blanco fermented in wooden barrels in its range as well as the classic Muga Prado Enea and, since the 1991 vintage, the modern flagship Torre Muga.
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Torre Muga is the modern top wine from Bodegas Muga. What Gary Vaynerchuk calls the "new world" is a deliberately radical break with traditional winemaking methods in Rioja. Torre Muga is a giant of a wine, lavishly endowed with the finest grape material, fruit and wood, which should be allowed to rest for another 5 years or so before letting the genie out of the bottle. Sweet cherry in colour with dark garnet tones on the rim. On the nose the wine presents optimal ripeness of its grapes, and the elegance of its woods, fine aromas and spices at the beginning, followed by black cooked fruits, balsamic and mineral notes. Sustained on the palate, lively tannins at the same time silky, juicy, broad and long. Producer: Tempos Vega Sicilia, 26200 Haro (Valladolid) - Spain Region: Spain / Rioja Category: Red Wine Alcohol Content: 14%. 

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