Cristal Rosé Vintage 2012 Coffret


Cristal Rosé Vintage 2012 Coffret

Cristal Rosé is made using the Saignée method after cold maceration, with approximately 55% Pinot noir and 45% Chardonnay, with 20% aged in oak barrels. It matures in the cellar for an average of 6 years. The aromatic intensity is evident right from the attaque with an imposing richness and soft and sweet flavours of white flowers, red fruits, caramel and tarte tatin. The full-bodied texture, wide and refined on the nose, is typical of the House of Louis Roederer. It is based on a vinous structure that is not too powerful and a pleasant freshness that conveys great finesse and underlines the precision of this wine.

599,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 799,99 €)
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Art.Nr.: 433960#1.000


Origin: France / Champagne
Alcohol content: 12,5%
Contact: Champagne Louis Roederer, 21,boulevard Lundy, CS40014, 51722 Reims Cedex, France.

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