Riesling Pechstein 2017


Riesling Pechstein 2017

The Mosbacher winery is a third generation family business in the middle of the picturesque village of Forst an der Weinstraße. The focus is on Riesling cultivation. The name "Pechstein" is derived from the high basalt content (black, volcanic rock) of the soil. A formerly active volcano the "Pechsteinkopf", located above Forst, spread large quantities of volcanic rock before primeval times.
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Art.Nr.: 431392#1.000


Initially, the Pechstein is puristic with fresh citrus fruit on the nose. As it unfolds in the glass, subtle smoky notes and a beguiling hint of vanilla add to the bite and character. A multi-dimensionality proves itself through a lean phenolic and a mineral acidity that promises longevity as well. The Pechstein vibrates, creates tension and foreshadows what great things still await us.

origin: Germany / Pfalz
alcohol content: 13,5%
contact: Weingut Georg Mosbacher, Weinstraße 27, 67147 Forst, Germany

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