Williams-Birnen Schnaps 40% vol.


Williams-Birnen Schnaps 40% vol.

Many years of experience in the selection of fruits, their processing and the skilful distilling of Williams-Christ pears allow us to produce this schnapps of exquisite quality. The juicy pears ripen under ideal conditions in the gardens of our fruit growers and give the Williams schnapps its fine, fruit-intensive, slightly sweet aroma. For the right processing, not only know-how but also a lot of experience is necessary. Only in this way can such a taste-intensive delicacy be created.


The Williams pears delivered to our orchard are carefully checked for damage, ripeness, aroma and taste before processing. The white flesh should be soft, but by no means mushy. In the gentle fine distillation process, at particularly low temperatures, a distillate with an incredibly strong varietal character is produced. In order for it to become a really good Williams schnapps, it needs enough time to mature. The distillate is stored for several years in different containers, such as the fine-pored stoneware.


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Again and again, the master distillers check the taste and smell of the schnapps. Only when they are satisfied is the Williams pear schnapps ready to be enjoyed and put into the typical Prince bottle. But what does it taste like, the Willi? Unmistakably, on the nose and on the palate. The typical taste is easy to recognise even for inexperienced schnapps drinkers. The characteristic aroma, clear, pure fruit flavours on the palate with a long finish. If you are looking for a typical Austrian Williams pear schnapps, you will definitely find it here.


Pairing recommodation: Enjoy our Williams pear schnapps in the noble schnapps goblet or from the small schnapps glass at a temperature between 17 and 18 °C.


Origin:  Austria
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Contact: Thomas Prinz GmbH, Ziegelbachstrasse 7, A - 6912 Hörbranz 


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Traditional Williams schnapps from Austria. With yellow, juicy Williams-Christ pears.