"Obstler" Traditional Fruit Schnaps 40% vol.


"Obstler" Traditional Fruit Schnaps 40% vol.

"Prinz Tradition Obstler 0,5l Finest Destillery"
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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 415875#1.000


"The fruit schnapps is one of the schnapps, the production of which has a long tradition in the Austrian fruit-growing regions. The mash for production must consist of at least two or more types of fruit. For Prinz Obstler with the 40% vol. he only processes refined apples and pears from local standard trees. With a lot of skill and years of experience, he succeeds in producing a fruit schnapps according to typical Austrian tradition and of the highest quality.
Producer: Thomas Prinz GmbH, Ziegelbachstrasse 7, A - 6912 Hörbranz
Area: Austria / Vorarlberg
Category: Spirit
Alcohol content: 40% alc."

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Traditional fruit schnapps made from apples and pears. Gently distilled in Austria and stored for many years.