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Oban 21Y

Oban 21y 0,7l Highlands
In 1794, the Oban distillery was founded by the brothers John and Hugh Stevenson and has played a leading role in the life of the town of the same name ever since. When the distillery was built in the immediate vicinity of the harbour, the present town of Oban did not yet exist.

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The Oban 21 years presents the renowned Highland distillery with a very intense bouquet. Maritime are the flavours that dominate the Oban 21 years. The golden Highland whisky seduces its connoisseurs to the beach. Dry, smelling of warm sand, seaweed and salt, it does not miss peaty notes, fruit cake and smoky aromas.
Origin: Scotland / Western Highlands
Alcohol content: 43,0%
Contact: Oban Distillery, Stafford St, Oban PA34 5NH, United Kingdom.

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