Michelsen Hamburger Eier Grog 0,35L

L.W.C. Michelsen

Michelsen Hamburger Eier Grog 0,35L

Fine egg liqueur with aromatic Jamaican rum.

With great success and from Hamburg specialities delight connoisseurs from north to south. With the diverse range of high-quality spirits, the finest pastries, fruity jams and sweet treats, lovers of fine wines get their money's worth just as much as those with a discerning sweet tooth. Cast off for the discovery tour.

A deposit of so-called egg oil on the rim of the bottle is evidence of particularly high quality with a high egg yolk content. Shake vigorously to restore the grog's homogeneous consistency.

14,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

0.35 lt |
(1 lt 42,83 €)

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Art.Nr.: 436397#1.000


L.W.C. Michelsen, founded more than 200 years ago, developed over time into Hamburg's renowned speciality shop for delicacies. As a former imperial and royal purveyor to the court and later with an integrated speciality restaurant, Michelsen was the first address in Hamburg for the finest food and drink. It was also known and loved for its own city kitchen, where large buffets for special occasions were prepared fresh daily according to in-house recipes.

Alcohol content: 24 % vol
Net quantity: 0.35 l
Description: Egg liqueur refined with 4% Jamaica rum (75% vol.)
Further information about the product: The eggs are barn-raised.
Origin: Germany


Manufacturer: L.W.C. Michelsen GmbH, Michelsenweg 1, 20537, Hamburg, Germany

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Contains: Eggs and egg products