Rum Gran Reserva 15Y


Rum Gran Reserva 15Y

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15Y comes from the Dominican Republic and matures for 15 years in the solera process in former bourbon barrels. Gran Reserva communicates its greatness through its aroma of sweet vanilla, molasses, caramel and plums. This lavish offering results in a rich, subtle and exquisitely refined rum. Incomparably delicate taste, velvety smooth with an exceptional flower and fine flavours. The silky texture is that of a unique super-premium rum. Its dry, toasty flavours take centre stage before slowly fading into a long satisfying finish.


Matusalem was born almost 150 years ago. The most wanted rum during Cuba’s Golden Age, an indelible icon of that era. The destillers believe that elegance is timeless, a legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. Their leitmotif is to be pioneers in the pleasure of tasting, expressing and sharing natural good taste.


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Vč. 20% DPH

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Nose: charming, quite pronounced sweetness, but never too sweet. On the nose, it convinces not only with vanilla like most long-matured rums, but also with an overtone of molasses. Plum and caramel round off the discreet but memorable aroma.
Tongue: Combination of sweetness and smoothness. The premium rum from Ron Matusalem is creamy on the palate and rounds off the pleasure with fruity notes. It has a long and dry aftertaste.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Contact: Matusalem Rum, 1872 Holding Internacional,37th Avenue 1205,33135 Miami,US


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