Martini Florale Alcohol-free Aperitivo


Martini Florale Alcohol-free Aperitivo

As always, the recipe of this special aperitif is a closely guarded secret. What is known is that Martini Floreale is produced from selected wines. The alcohol is very carefully and gently extracted from the wine. Enriched with botanicals, the Martini Floreale is alcohol-free. One flower is definitely present, Martini reveals. It is the Roman camomile. The name says it all in the bouquet and on the palate. Its floral scent gently wafts into the nose, and floral notes spread explosively in the mouth as well. The flavour cannot be precisely assigned to any flowers. A pleasant sweetness lies over everything. The Martini Floreale spreads a spring-like, summery feeling in the nose, mouth and mind.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 19,99 €)

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Art.Nr.: 430344#1.000


Product name: Non-alcoholic aperitif.
Storage: once opened, store in the refrigerator.
Contact: Martini & Rossi S.p.A., Piazza Luigi Rossi 2, 10023 Pessione di Chieri, Torino, Italy.

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