Higland Park Valknut Whisky

Highland Park

Higland Park Valknut Whisky

The Highland Park distillery is located on the Orkney Islands off the northernmost tip of Scotland. It was founded in 1798, making it the sixth oldest distillery in Scotland.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 435723#1.000


Palate: Sweet, aromatic cloves combine with tangy anise notes.
Nose: Toasted vanilla beans, black pepper,
oak chips, cloves, anise, aromatic smoke.
Finish: Intensely balanced, bold and courageous, it leaves a memory of aromatic peat smoke and sweet spices

Alcohol content: 46.8%
Origin: Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
Contact: Top Spirit Vertriebsges.m.b.H, Heiligenstädter Straße 43, 1190 Vienna

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