Hamburgs Feiner Kümmel


Hamburgs Feiner Kümmel

The traditional Hamburg spirit Helbing Hamburg's fine caraway is characterised by its perfect, fine-flowery aroma. It is mildly spicy and popular with men and women alike. The "Hamburg Original" is best enjoyed iced from original Helbing glasses.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 112475#1.000


Selected caraway seeds and the purest grain alcohol of the highest quality are used to produce Helbing. The result of the elaborate production process is a caraway of the highest quality with a fine floral aroma, a soft taste and a subtle caraway flavour.
Origin: Germany / Hamburg
Alcohol content: 35,0%
Contact: KATTUS-BORCO VERTRIEBS GMBH, Billrothstraße 51, 1190 Vienna.

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