Glenfiddich 23Y Grand Cru


Glenfiddich 23Y Grand Cru

Glenfiddich is one of the most famous single malts in the world. With its standards, the Speyside distillery has already introduced countless beginners to high-quality Scotch whiskies. With the Glenfiddich Grand Cru, the luxury segment is now to be conquered. As a special extra, the 23-year-old single malt is allowed to sniff French champagne casks. We reveal which aromas this brings in the tasting.


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Vč. 20% DPH

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The Glenfiddich Grand Cru is a 23-year-old single malt that was finished in French cuvée oak casks. Previously, the whisky was aged in European and American oak casks. The Glenfiddich grand Cru is the first whisky to be released in the so-called "Grand" series (another bottling will follow towards the end of 2020). Bottled at 40% alcohol strength, the whisky is said to show notes of apple blossom, freshly baked bread and candied lemon on the nose. The taste reveals vanilla, oak, brioche, sandalwood, pear sorbet and white grapes. The whisky is presented in a black box and a black glass bottle.
Origin: Scotland / Speyside
Alcohol content: 43%
Contact: Glenfiddich Distillery Dufftown Banffshire AB55 4DH/GB.

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