Fendant Clos de Cochetta Les Grands Murs 2020

Maison Gilliard

Fendant Clos de Cochetta Les Grands Murs 2020

Grape variety: Chasselas. Bright lemon yellow, fragrant nose of white flowers with earthy mineral notes, ripe fruity and complex, juicy and dense on the palate with great freshness and length.
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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 434684#1.000


With its exclusive hillside location, the Clos de la Cochetta domain is the jewel of the Maison Gilliard. The grapes are characterised on the one hand by a striking soil quality and on the other hand by an exceptionally sunny southern exposure. In addition, massive dry-stone walls provide another favourable effect: during the day they reflect the sun, then store it and release the stored heat at night. These unique conditions give rise to a rich and powerful Fendant that captivates with lovely flavours and a superb fullness.

Recommended with: Aperitif, starters, Seefisch, mussels St. Jacques, cheese, sushi.

Origin: Switzerland / AOC Valais 2020
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Contact: MAISON GILLIARD SA, Rue de Loèche 70, 1950 Sion.

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