O•Vodka (Organic Premium Vodka)

Destillerie Farthofer

O•Vodka (Organic Premium Vodka)


In the production of O-Vodka (Organic Premium Vodka), only one ingredient goes into the bottle: organic wheat. The wheat is milled and gently processed into a mash with great sensitivity. The mash is then distilled 30 times in a column. This is the only way to ensure the purity and clarity of the distillate.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 324092#1.000


Now a trained nose and the "right nose" are decisive. Because the master distiller has to carry out the sensory separation between the pre-run, middle run and post-run. Only the "heart", the middle run, is completed for the organic vodka. After a resting phase, we "marry" the distillate with our primary rock water. Thus, our organic vodka reaches a drinking strength of 40 % vol.
After a storage period of at least one year, our O-Vodka finds its absolute balance and mildness. This is how the world's best vodka (IWSC Trophy winner 2012) achieves its incomparable character.
Origin: Austria
Alcohol content: 40.0%
Contact: Destillerie Farthofer GmbH, Mostviertelplatz 6, 3362 Öhling, Austria

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