O•Gin (Organic Premium Gin)

Destillerie Farthofer

O•Gin (Organic Premium Gin)


The herbs and spices are carefully weighed and then blended. The botanicals are macerated for several days in the high-proof organic wheat distillate so that the aromatic substances can be better absorbed by the alcohol. The mixture is then distilled in the still. The high-proof O-Gin matures for up to one year in stainless steel tanks so that it can develop its character even better. Only then is the gin blended with primary rock water from the company's own spring in the Mühlviertel. The exceptionally high quality of the water gives the gin its extremely mild and mellow finish.

49,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 71,41 €)

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Art.Nr.: 324095#1.000


O-Gin sparkles like a brilliant in the glass, crystal clear, with a slight blue tinge. On the palate, it is characterised by mild spiciness, finesse in the interplay of juniper and orange flavours, delicate acidity and refined spiciness in the finish. In 2015, our O-Gin was awarded double gold at the China Wine & Spirits Awards.
Origin: Austria
Alcohol content: 40.0%
Contact: Destillerie Farthofer GmbH, Mostviertelplatz 6, 3362 Öhling, Austria.

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