Amaretto Disaronno


Amaretto Disaronno

Discover the versatility of Amaretto Disaronno – an almond liqueur with robust notes of almond, apricot, and marzipan. Its sweet taste makes it perfect for sipping on the rocks, mixed with other spirits, in coffee, and even in pastries.


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The storied history of this Italian liqueur dates back to the Renaissance when a young woman in Saronno, near Milan, sought to win a man's heart with this creation. Since then, the recipe, consisting of pure alcohol, roasted sugar, almond oil, and a selection of 17 fruits and herbs, has been lovingly passed down within the family. Amaretto Disaronno – a timeless classic for discerning palates.


Aroma: The bouquet is characterized by robust notes of almond, apricot, and marzipan.
Taste: On the palate, a complex flavour profile emerges. Intense, lingering taste, sweet and fruity character, crowned by a sense of warmth.
Serving recommendation: Enjoy Amaretto Disaronno neat or on the rocks. Disaronno is also excellent for a variety of mixed drinks, as well as in coffee and pastries.


Origin: Italy / Milan
Alcohol content: 28% vol.
Producer: ILLVA Saronno S.p.A.
Contact: Campari Deutschland GmbH, Adelgundenstraße 7, 80538 München, Deutschland


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