Calvados XO


Calvados XO

Calvados is made from cider, the apple wine pressed from the apples of the Calvados region. Harvesting takes place from the end of December until the first night frosts set in. The great art is to precisely time the ripening of the different apple varieties. After the harvest, the apples are put together into harmonious blends and made into must. After a month of fermentation in wooden vats, the cider is ready. Then the distillation takes place. The fresh distillates are clear, distinctive and tart. After long storage in oak barrels, the Calvados acquires a unique, unmistakable character.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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(1 lt 57,13 €)

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Art.Nr.: 329782#1.000


Only a small number of barrels, in which the fine cider distillate develops particularly well, are selected for maturation for this elegant and great Calvados. Pâpidoux XO has been lovingly matured to perfection for much longer than the minimum six years stipulated for XO and combines the maturity of age with the finesse of the fine apple aroma.
Origin: France / Normandy
Alcohol content: 40,0%
Contact: Distillerie de Cormeilles, 27260 Cormeilles

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