Prosecco DOC Frizzante Organic Wine


Prosecco DOC Frizzante Organic Wine


Animating with a fine nose and delicate spiciness on the palate.

9,99 €
Vč. 20% DPH

0.75 lt |
(1 lt 13,32 €)

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Art.Nr.: 434064#1.000


Grape variety: Glera Light yellow-green with fine bubbles, inviting bouquet on the nose, subtle notes of dried apples, grapefruit, delicate flinty notes, fine floral facets, elegant on the palate, soft creamy mousseux, delicate acidity, perfect balance, juicy fruity finish of apple and kiwi. Producer: Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C.S.p.A. Via Luigi Cadorna 17 30020 Fossalta di Piave VE, Italy Category: Sparkling wine Region: Italy / Veneto Alcoholic strength: 11% vol. 

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