Vodkart - Original Rare Potato & Wheate



Vodkart - Original Rare Potato & Wheate


Surprisingly fragrant, Vodkart Original Rare Potato & Wheat pampers nose and palate. Our Rare Potato Vodka is composed of 60% precious rare potatoes and 40% wheat. It is distilled 30 times in a slow process and blended with primary rock water from the Mühlviertel to bring it to its absolute purity.

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Vč. 20% DPH

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Art.Nr.: 331683#1.000


The origin of this exquisite little water is our fields in the Weinviertel. Rare, long-forgotten old potato varieties thrive here. These are cultivated with great care and dedication. Together with distiller Josef V. Farthofer from the Mostelleria in Öhling, the noble vodka is produced from these precious varieties. Josef V. Farthofer was awarded gold and the coveted Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2012 for his vodka (World's Best Vodka 2012).

Vodkart stands for noble, exclusive, rare, coveted pleasure. The content of the bottle is most important to us, not marketing & advertising promises. We cultivate biologically rare and old potato varieties in high diversity, true works of art that nature has produced. We produce the highest quality potatoes on the best Weinviertel black earth soils. It has always been a concern of ours to make more out of these products. Over the years, the idea was born to produce the finest vodka from these treasures. Cheers!

Only the best is good enough. We only use our rare, organically produced rarity potatoes, which bring the most diverse flavours into our vodka. Only 170 bottles of Vodkart are produced from 1000kg of rare potatoes. Our mash recipe is a secret that gives this vodka its fragrant and fruity aroma. After the complex production of the mash, it is distilled 30 times in a slow process and blended with primary rock water from the Mühlviertel to bring it to its absolute purity. As only a small amount of our rarity potatoes can be harvested each year, there is only a limited number available. Our Vodkart is handmade, bottled by hand and stored in the Erdäpfelkeller - a rare pleasure!

Velvety and smooth, these successful vodka specialities can be enjoyed at room temperature. Almost too good to drink on ice, but those who love it sparkling and fresh should definitely enjoy this high-quality vodka as an aperitif in the form of a cocktail. Handcrafted as well as bottled by hand.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Origin: Austria


Contact: Karoffelhof Schramm & Vodkart, Hauptstraße 163, 2212 Großengersdorf

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